Thursday, 30 June 2011


Oh man! It's been almost a year since I last posted here. That's scary. How rubbish and slack of me.

Ok. So first of all, an update on what I have been doing. I no longer live in Scotland (better update my profile, it still says I live in Leith). I've moved back to Australia and am now living in a small town called Temora. It's lovely, and I'm having fun, but I miss late night shopping and long daylight hours, although I don't miss the cold and the constant arthritis.

Craft wise I've done a fair few things since I've been back, and I will try to fill you in on a few of them now. I just need to figure out what I have photos for. Because after all, that's why you're here right? For the craft stuff? So let's search through the pictures.

Side Slip Cloche
So I'm not a massive fan of this photo, but I only have two photos of this hat, and the other one is so feral. I made this in January. I had a plan that I wanted to try and make something new each month, using wool and a pattern I already have. I managed three months of it but then I had to make things for my nephew and niece who were cold (joys of living in Tasmania) so that hasn't worked out.

Anyway, this is from a book called Boutique knits and the pattern is actually the one on the cover. I'm not sure if it looks as good as the one in the book, but I'm really happy with it and it keeps my ears warm, which is what a hat really needs to do, right?

So now, on to other things.

Sarah's cardigan
I used to work with a guy called Simon. He's the I.T guy for the company I worked for in Scotland. He was based in Liverpool but we got along great guns. Just before I went home he and his lovely wife Michelle paid for me to come down to visit them for a weekend, which was awesome. I had a blast, but the best bit had to be when they were driving me back to the trainstation and they told me that Michelle was pregnant. They had been trying for a while and had only found out that morning. I was the first person they told, boy did I feel honoured! So of course I had to knit the baby something. I made a cardigan. It was my March project (I'll show you the Feb one later, I need to hunt down the photos).

(Sorry about the weird small photo - I thought I'd fixed that, but I'll do it when I'm not so bloody tired).

I was quite thrilled with the result, but I don't want to look too closely at it, because of course I'll find mistakes. Thankfully the cardigan is now in Liverpool, so I don't have to worry about it. I've seen a photo of the darling little girl, Sarah, wearing it, and she looks so gosh darn cute! Can't wait to meet her in October!

Daniel's koala

Do you remember the flower toy I made for a friend's son? Well I have made this for him as well. It's a koala from a British book, but it's made from Australian alpaca wool, from the alpacas of my neice's maternal grandparents, and also the alpacas of a friend of my mum's. I hope Daniel approves. I made this a while ago, but of course I still haven't sent it. But I will get there.

Apple Cake
Finally, I made this apple cake a couple of months ago and damn was it good! I should make it again. It was just sooooo delicious, even if I do say so myself! It was on a free recipe card at the local supermarket and it's now been copied into my cookbook.

Right, that's about everything for now. I'll write more later (I promise!). But now, having taught kindergarten for three days this week (I'm doing relief teaching), I am absolutely exhausted. So I'm going to go have a shower and go to bed. Ta Ta for now!

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