Sunday, 1 January 2012


This may end up depressing me, but I've decided to make a list of all my knitting UFOs.

I read somewhere that somebody (probably lots of people actually) decided they wouldn't start anything new until they'd finished ALL their UFOs. Now personally i think that is a bit extreme, but I want to make a damn good go at it. So I think what I'll do is say I can't start anything new until I've finished a UFO. Of course, that could mean my list just gets longer and longer, but I don't HAVE to start a new thing, I just have to finish an old one. Does that follow? Hmmm.

Anyway, now for the truly scary part. Listing everything.

Neptunic - 8 ply tunic, knitted in the round. My own design, which I'm making up as I go along. I will need to steek the armholes, which is terrifying me. But other then that it is a pretty simple knit. Good for travel knitting.

Purple ugg booties - for my cousin's baby Sophie. So many pieces, but not that difficult. The fact that she won't need them for a couple of months makes them less urgent but they shouldn't be hard to do.

Fingerless gloves - for Sam. I made these and was sewing them up but stuffed up and ended up unravelling a finger. They're going to be too big for her teeny tiny hands anyway, so I need to frog them and redo them. Gloves are super quick, and she desperately needs them.

Cable beanie - 8 ply kit I got at Ally Pally. So pretty but I don't really wear beanies. I wonder if there's enough wool to frog it and make a tam?

Jo Sharpe cushion - for my bedroom. Lovely but I'm not sure if the colours are right. I might have to gather things together and see how this matches. Maybe frog it and make something else? The wool is so beautiful.

Orange lacy baby vest - This is something else for Sophie. Soph was born 23 December, only about ten days late? She won't need this for a while, but yeah, I would like it done before she starts school!

Snail - Yes, a snail. I bought this awesome book - Amigurumi Knits, by Hansi Singh - and there are so many awesome patterns in it. Lots of random things, like a garlic, the Loch Ness Monster, and a Snail! I've started the snail, done the shell and half of the slug bit, but I put it aside, as I am want to do! As well as being cute and cuddly (rare for a snail, hey), it's an interesting lesson in shaping. I wanna get it done.

Green Aran Jumper - This is a jumper that Beth, the woman that runs the cinema where I volunteer (it's a community cinema, we don't get paid), had started knitting for her father. It's beautiful, and a deep green. Her father passed away a few years ago, and Beth had never finished the jumper. It had been sitting in a bag at the back of the cupboard. She found it and gave it to me, saying that it would suit my father, and she'd love to think that somebody would wear it, since she wasn't going to make it. I've started a sleeve (to get used to the pattern) but again, put it down.

Kim's Cream Hat - This pattern, Fern Glade, is from Knitty. I made a hat for my friend Kim, who has moved to Bombala, in the mountains, and she loved it lots and told me to make her more. The first hat I made was by Ysolda Teague, it was the Snapdragon hat (I think). I need to blog about that because I'm soooo happy with it. It was so much fun, I kept staying up to knit just a bit more. Random huh! I made Kim another hat that I kind of designed myself, and then I started on this one just before the New year. I know that's kind of cheating, but meh! Now she's put in an order for a red one as well, but that can wait I think! I really need to blog about all these hats.

Cream Baby Cardigan - I started making this for the baby of a work mate in Scotland. I was quite happy with the way it turned out but then stopped because I WAS WORRIED I'D START BEING CRAPPY!! How lame is that? As it turns out, I didn't quite make each piece of the cardigan the same length, so I need to sort that out, but once I do it won't be hard to get it finished. Damn I have a lot of those 'almost done' projects!

Khaki Cardigan - I bought the wool for this one in about 2008, and I've been knitting it on and off for ages. More off lately, but I've done a fair bit. It's a cross over cardigan, and the sleeves are attached to the body. I think I've done the back and one front, so I only need to finish the other front and then sew it up. Who knows? Maybe this is the winter I can wear it?

Bamboo Vest - This is a Rowan pattern, although I'm not using Rowan wool for it (I'm not that rich!). I'm using a really lovely bamboo cotton from Sublime. I've done one piece of this, I just need to finish the other. I just get annoyed at the shaping. It's a bit frustrating. But it should look nice when it's done, and it's a beautiful plum colour. Ugh! Really really want to finish this.

Ok, so I THINK that's everything. There are things that I WANT to knit, including a Marvin doll for Sam, but that's not really been started (well, it HAS been started, but it's been pulled apart many many times), so I'm not sure that counts. Maybe it does? Who knows. But bloody hell that's a long list. If I was super efficient I'd put up photos, but not gonna happen. Maybe later.

So no new projects until I get these finished hey? There are 12 projects here. 12!!! So I guess I could aim for one a month, but some are going to be a lot faster than the others, so maybe that's not realistic. I mean, I doubt I'm the type to be able to get an Aran jumper for a grown man finished in one month. But I'll knuckle down and see what I can do. It would be so lovely if, when I do this sort of a post next year, none of these projects are on it.

Fingers crossed.

P.S. I'm not putting down the Humpty Dumpty jumper. There is a reason for that. I HATE that jumper and want to burn it in the deepest pits of Hell! It is cursed! I'm sorry to my darling nephew, but it ain't happening. Sorry mate. 

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  1. Wondering...if a UFO is something you don't like can you rip it out and start something different? It's the same old yarn! Wouldn't that count for something? :)