Monday, 26 April 2010

Cthulu Cushion

Cthulu is a character from Sci Fi/Horror Author HP Lovecraft's stories. All his stories are available on Feedbooks, and they're interesting, to say the least! Written in the 1920s, they're a bit slow in some parts but pretty cool. Cthulu is meant to be this horrifying demon that makes Satan look like a cute little puppy.

Cthulu is also a really really really cute plushy!

I have two Cthulu plushies. One is a big one, and still back in Australia. The other is a 'travel' plushy that my brother Wimmy sent me, and he's with me here in Edinburgh. I called this cushion Cthulu because of the colours. My big Cthulu back home is 'Super Cthulu' and has a purple and green costume. Also, the texture of the wool is the same as the texture of the toys.

This wool is called pom pom wool. It looks complicated to knit with, but acutally it's not that difficult. You knit two stitches on the thread section, and then wiggle the pom pom so it's in the right spot. After a few stitches it actually becomes rather fun to knit with.

I was originally going to knit a scarf becuase this stuff is just so soft, but then I figured that since I'm moving back to Australia this year I am not going to need a scarf. So I made a cushion.

Look at all that bobbly softness! Just perfect for putting your head against.

I didn't have enough to make the front and back of the cushion, so I decided to knit stocking stich for the back. I was originally just going to do it in green, but then I found the purple as well (I spent AGES wandering around the wool department at John Lewis, trying to find matching wool) and decided to do stripes. This wool was amazing to knit with as well. It was really lovely, not splitty, just beautiful. And cheap! I'm tempted to buy balls and balls and balls of it, but that would not be wise. I've got enough wool.


It was Moogi's idea to turn the stripes on their sides for one panel. There are heaps of press studs to keep it closed, and when I get home I'll buy a cushion to put inside it.

Of course here is a picture of Cthulu (or, as I prefer to call him, Thulie) sitting on his cushion. Don't you just love his fist in the air, doing the whole 'Rock On!' thing? I think he likes his cushion.

And yes, I know, he's meant to be a scary Chaos demon and I'm giving him pet names and cuddling him. As I said to a small child when I was a slightly less small child who was giving my mum and I funny looks as we cooed over baby shoes, "So we're cracked! So what?"

Don't run away now. That's what the little kid did. Just enjoy the insanity. As my Moogi says, Sanity is wasted on the Sane.


  1. Ah, Mr. President ... what are you doing on Anny's cushion?

  2. *giggles*
    I've now had two requests for this cushion. Lucky I like knitting them hey.

  3. And I repeat: Marvin Marvin Marvin Marvin Marvin Marvin Marvin Marvin Marvin Marvin Marvin Marvin Marvin Marvin