Saturday, 24 April 2010

Mr Bump Cushion

I knitted a cardigan for Christian's son Angus but, since I'm crap at getting things finished in time (see my comments on the bibs post) and because Angus had a bit of a growth spurt, it didnt' actually fit him for very long. I think she had a photo of him wearing it but I don't know if I have a copy of it. Oh well.

I'd put a fair bit of work into this cardigan though, and so I told Christian to give it back to me and I would turn it into a cushion. It took me ages to get around to it (of course) but tonight I finished it. Christian has Friday off work next week and she's going to bring Angus in to have lunch with me, so I'll give it to him then and hopefully he'll like it :) Fingers crossed anyway.

I don't have a photo of the original cardigan. I thought I did but I don't know where it is. :( Oh well. But basically it was a pale blue cardigan, with Mr Bump written across the fronts, and a picture of Mr Bump on the back. I found the graph for the picture on line, and adapted a cardigan from a book I borrowed from the library ages ago (over a year ago I think).

To turn it into a cardigan I had to undo the sleeves, undo the tops of the front to make them more rectangle (which was OK - the neck was pretty crap. I'm not good at picking up stitches around necklines) and then add a band to sew on press studs, and make a cushion to go into it.

Front unfilled
I know that the M and R of Mr are crooked. I'd like to say that was intentional, trying to look 'jaunty' but basically I miscounted. Oops.

Back unfilled
I'm actually really proud of the back of this. He's kinda cute right?

Unfilled cushion
I used some shiny fabric Cheeky sent me ages ago to make a cushion to fit inside. I was going to buy a cushion to go inside but this way I save money and use up stuff I've got in my stash. Two good things right?

Close up of dodgy stitching
Perhaps I should have been a bit more careful with cutting, but who was going to see it?

Oh right, anybody that reads this blog. Oh well. *shrugs* doesn't matter. I cut crooked, but it was to go inside the cushion and will never be seen again.

Cushion finished
I stuffed the cushion with toy fill I had, and I probably could have wrapped it with some of the wadding I got for the bibs, but I didn't think of that until AFTER I'd sewn it up. Oh well.

Front Filled
This was after I'd put on three press studs to keep it closed, but then I decided I wanted more to keep it more secure.

Revised front
The cushion is actually in the wrong way in this shot, but at least the opening is a little less, well, open.

Back filled
There is the back, all finished and padded.

I'll let you know what Angus thinks of the cushion when I give it to him on Friday. Hopefully, since he's an adorable little 2 year old, he'll at least pretend to like it. I think he's too well mannered to say 'eww, crap' but of course I hope he loves it! I'll keep you posted.

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